How Studyclix Plus+ helps you do better in exams

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A PLUS+ account normally costs $75 but we're currently offering a 12 month upgrade for $49. This gives you unlimited access in ALL subjects for 12 months. Check out how upgrading will help you improve your results.


PLUS+ access helps you do better in your exams

1). Be ready for the questions that you will face in SACs and end-of-year exams

Having access to all the past questions by topic from the last relevant years lets you pick out obvious trends and be ready for the kinds of questions that will be asked. A BASIC account only gives you the last two years questions in each topic.


2). Learn what the examiners are looking for

PLUS+ access gives you all marking schemes to all questions. This lets you practice questions and then quickly see where you’re going wrong and how to improve your answering style.


3). Practice makes perfect

Print all past questions on any topic to make it easy to study one topic at a time. You can also use our Exam Builder to make your own mock exams to test yourself.


4). Get the best notes first

Get access to the best study notes before anyone else. These include sample essays, worked solutions and video tutorials.


Why do 95% of PLUS+ users say that it helped them get better results?

"It saves me so much time and effort. Rather than searching through past papers for a certain topics, they're already divided into different sections."



"It's good for finding exam questions on specific topics and having the marking schemes is important so you can see what you're doing right or wrong. I also love the sample answers you have."



"I love that you can find every exam question on each topic. It means I can study one chapter in the book, print the questions on that topic and then look at the marking schemes if I couldn’t get any of them."



"Just wanted to say I think Studyclix PLUS+ is brilliant. I use it after I revise every handy! It saves so much time instead of looking through your exam papers and trying to find the solutions :) I've also started using the exam builder to make random mock tests for myself... so good."



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