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Dmitri Mendeleev, the creator of the periodic table of elements, claimed that he saw the very table he created in his dreams, after which he woke up and wrote it down. If only we had such luck when it came to studying chemistry. Anyway, I at least hope this study guide gives you some tips and tricks to navigate VCE Chemistry this year.


How to prepare for SACs

To maximise time - use the study design which tells you exactly what you need to know for the course - nothing more, nothing less. Before going through a topic, I would get out my study design and generate a list of questions based on the dot points. 

I found that notetaking was the single best way to consolidate your learning onto a few pages and act as an easy place you can refer back to throughout the year. 

Make sure to do questions that increase your considence. You do this through answering questions. 

To read Umut's full guide, click here!

How to revise for exams

Know the data book inside out. I consistently used it throughout the year whether I was doing a textbook question or exam question. If you use it effectively throughout the year, when exam time rolls around, you'll know exactly where to find everything. 

Be familiar with your calculator. You should use the same scientific calculator you will use in the exam so that finding the right buttons and signs comes naturally during the exam. 

After each practice exam, I made sure to open up the corresponding examination report which shows you exactly what the assessors are looking for. So if there is a definition or explanation provided, it is a good idea to make note of it. 

Exam day

  • Multiple choice questions: Normally there are 2 distracting options that you will cross off, so you essentially go from having a 1 in 4 chance to a 1 in 2 chance of picking the correct answer. 

  • Short answer questions: There are 3 types of questions - calculation questions, explanation questions and experimental questions. 

Some final tips

  • Use your teachers
  • Help and be helped by your friends
  • Try to understand
  • Enjoy Chemistry

We hope you have learned something and are feeling more prepared to tackle 3/4 Chemistry! 

Umut & The Studyclix Team

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