How to get a 45+ in Maths Methods

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From graphs, to probability, to integrating whatever f(x) means, Maths Methods involves a lot of mathematical… methods. This guide aims to give you some tips and tricks to navigate VCE Maths  Methods.


How to prepare for SACs

The majority of the time in class is spent doing questions and going through examples. Being surrounded by 30 or so other students also doing the same set of questions is the best opportunity to ask for help when you hit a roadblock. 

Ask your teachers for help if you are having trouble with anything. They appreciate you taking the initiative. 

The more questions you do, the better you'll grasp the subject as a whole. I would first go through the Cambridge textbook questions which eases you into applying new concepts you have learned. 

I would always do practice SACs provided by the school before each SAC. These questions offer a level of difficulty which is much more akin to the actual SAC. 

Make a killer bound reference that is easy to find everything, with brief explanations, lots of examples, tips on how to use the graphic calculator and make sure it's fun!

To read Umut's full guide, click here!

How to revise for exams

Be familiar with your graphic calculator. Also make sure to do as many practice exams as possible. Review exams with sample answers and assessor's reports. Lastly, record everything you do in a logbook to keep track of your progress. 

Exam day

  1. Use the reading time to get a feel for what topics are covered and how you will approach the questions. 
  2. Plan your time before going into the exam. I suggest you play to your strengths first and come back to topics you have trouble with. 
  3. Put aside 10 minutes at the end to check through your exam. I was notorious for making silly mistakes throughout the exam so this part is crucial. 
  4. Do NOT get caught up too long in a question. Rather move on and try and get as many marks as you can in the time available. 

Some final tips

  1. Use your teachers
  2. Help and be helped by your friends
  3. Enjoy Methods!

Thank you for reading this study guide! We hope you lewarned something. 

Umut & The Studyclix Team

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