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As you probably would've heard from many peers, HHD is a subject that is regarded to be the 'easier' subject. You may have heard those bio and chem kids say that it's a subject that can allow you to get that raw 50 easily, as it is just a matter of 'rote learning' the content. However once you immerse yourself in the subject, you will realise that HHD is one of the most engaging VCE subjects, which really opens your mind to current social justice, health and environmental issues around the world. If you love delving into the complexities of global health issues, then with these few simple steps and your hard work, you will be able to confidentally apply your knowledge and ace the exam!


How to study for SACs

It is very important to follow the study design very carefully. I wrote under every dot point on the study design any questions I could think of that may be in the SAC or exam. I would answer and mark these questions afterwards. 

Around 2 weeks before a SAC, I would do topic quizzes and multiple choice questions as well as also watching the videos on Studyclix. 

I would also recommend keeping up to date with the news and in particular reading articles relating to healthcare in Australia and around the world. This allows you to apply the content learned in class to real-life situations. 

To read Martina's full guide, click here!

How to study for exams

It is very important to learn the command terms such as 'describe' or 'explain'. You can familiarise yourself with these questions through Studyclix or Quizlet. 

It is important to do a practice exams. The amount of practice exams you do doesn't really matter. What really counts is studying smart, not hard. I personally did 3 practice exams but really focused on the extended response questions. You should do practice exams under timed conditions. 

  • To ace short answer questions, use the allocated marks as a guide for how many points you should bring up in your answer
  • In scenario questions, make sure you refer to the scenario in your answer
  • To interpret graphs, I always payed attention at the title, axis, trend and made sure to use some numbers from the graph in my answer
  • Practice as many extended response questions possible and make sure to show your passion for the subject through this question

To read Martina's full guide, click here!

How to handle the exam

In the reading time, I liked to plan out what I could write for each question and find out which questions I was most confident in answering first. I would also pick out key points in each scenario and studied the material for the extended response question. 

After the reading time, I would always start with the easiest questions first. If time is running out, then I would prioritise the 8-10 mark question over a short answer question. If you have enough time, proof-read your answers at the end of the exam. 

Final tips

  • Use your teacher
  • Establish study groups
  • Be organised
  • Enjoy the subject

We hope you have found this study guide helpful and are ready to ace your HHD SACs and exam. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Martina & The Studyclix Team

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