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English is a compulsory subject (sorry to the STEM kids!) with a decent weighting in the overall scaling, but we can use that to our advantage! In General English, markers are looking for competent writers with justified arguments, clear structure, and great vocabulary – and it’s easier than you think to tick these boxes! And guess what? Now it’s easier than ever to ace the assessments and bump up your ATAR! This guide is full of tips and tricks for all your assessments in the General English curriculum, to help you achieve your goals and wow those QCAA markers. Best of luck! J


How to prepare for your IAs

Your first IA is your written response for a public audience. In order to nail it, make a plan of what your thesis will be, make sure you don't confuse personal biases with the opinion you are building your thesis one, research other publications that match the format of your given task and make sure to use a variety of different sentence lengths and levels of vocabulary. 

Your second IA is your persuasive spoken response. I'd recommend picking a topic you are passionate about. Make use of different elements of speech and make sure to practise your speech. Lastly, make sure to set yourself personal draft timelines. 

Finally, you have your third IA, which is the imaginative written response. Check how your school tweaks the assignment to see if you need strong or weak links between the stimulus and your writing. Write lots of practice stories to make sure they are different each time.

To read Natania's full guide, click here!

How to revise for exams

Make sure to find and memorise quotes that involve a variety of possible topics. Ensure that you write lots of practice essays before your final and make sure they are different each time. Plan for both question options initially and then pick which one you want to do.

Tips and tricks

  • Know your texts as well as possible
  • Use external resources
  • Find interesting vocab that you want to include
  • Make a separate book for your English notes

With all this amazing advice, we hope you're ready to smash English! Good luck for all your internal and external assessments. 

Natania & The Studyclix Team

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