How to get a 90+ in General Business! Advice from an expert student.

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Business as a subject provides students with the opportunity to develop business knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to society, the workforce and the marketplace. It also prepares students as potential employees, employers, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs. I hope the tips and tricks within this study guide will effectively prepare you for the General Business subject.


How to prepare for IAs

Your first IA contributes to 25% of your final grade. To do well, you should ensure you cover all the content for the internal exam - know the answers to the assessment objectives off by heart in great detail. Do heaps of practice questions - both short and extended response questions found in your textbook. 

For your second and third IAs, make sure you use the marking criteria as that is what you will be marked against. Use the correct layout when answering questions and use evidence from a range of sources. Your teacher is your number 1 resource so if you are unclear on something, ask them. Lastly, make sure you use business terminology on write ups and assignments. 

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How to revise for exams

  • Know the assessment objectives
  • Make summaries
  • Do practice questions and exams
  • Focus on the topics you are less confident with first
  • Teach others
  • Know the analytical tools
  • Know the evaluation criteria

Exam day

Take note of how many marks each question is worth - if the question is worth 3 marks, you need to make 3 points in your answer. Spend more time on questions worth more marks and during the planning time, read the stimulus material. 

For the stimulus, use highlighters to identify important information and use colour coding for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats if you need to develop a SWOT analysis. 

For short answer questions, write about 50-250 words and for extended response, write around 400-600 words. 

To read Brittney's full guide, click here!

Some final tips

  • Know your cognitive verbs
  • Be familiar with Business terminology
  • Start revising for the exams at the start of the year
  • Create acronyms

We hope this guide helps you do your best! If you have any more tips, feel free to share them in our discuss forum.

Brittney & The Studyclix Team

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