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Welcome to the study guide for Legal Studies! Legal Studies is an incredibly interesting subject, which focuses on the interaction between society and the Australian Legal System, exploring the role and development of laws in reference to current issues in society. I hope that this guide allows you to complete this subject to the best of your ability and to help you prepare for all your internal and external assessments.


How to prepare for your IAs

Make sure you're paying attention and taking notes in class. There are loads of new terms and legislation that you may not be familiar with and you may need to ask your teacher questions about. 

Read the syllabus on what is contained within your assignments. It involves a description of the assessment and objectives that will be assessed. 

Proofread your assignments to ensure all the information is accurate and referenced properly. Marks can be deducted from these issues!

Analyse the QCAA sample assessment pieces and/or your own previous assignments. This will allow you to see what you should and shouldn't do for your assessment. 

To read Rachael's full guide, click here!

How to revise for exams

  • Write syllabus dot points
  • Stay consistent with studying throughout the year
  • Create your own exam questions
  • Write extended responses with criteria sheet

Exam day

Before the exam, make sure you're well-rested. Briefly read over your notes and maybe answer a few short answer questions. 

Make the most of your planning time and flick through the entire exam. This is a great opportunity for you to plan out your extended response piece. 

Decide on how you want to divide your time. Everyone approaches the exam in different ways so work out what's best for you. Just make sure to leave enough time for the extended response and proofreading. 

Never leave any question blank. You never know what you could get marks for! 

To read Rachael's full guide, click here!

Some final tips

  • Start studying early
  • Keep all of your resources throughout the year
  • Practice your responses as if you are under exam conditions
  • Read your syllabus
  • Enjoy Legal Studies!

We hope you have learned a lot from this study guide and are ready to ace Legal Studies! If you have any questions, please get in contact with us. 

Rachael & The Studyclix Team

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