How to get a 90+ in Maths Methods!

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Maths Methods can be a really difficult subject and unfortunately it is a prerequisite for many courses. However, when you really think about it, its just maths. Once you understand a concept, you're able to answer every question on that concept. How cool is that?! I hope this guide helps you navigate QCE Maths Methods!


How to prepare for your IAs

Your internals make up 50% of your final grade. You will have 3 internals throughout the year. 

Make sure to stick to the syllabus and make use of class time. When taking notes, use a variety of headings, subheadings, colour, detailed diagrams, bolding, underlining, concise explanations and flowcharts. Ensure you're confident answering a range of different questions. At the end of the year, combine all your summaries and make a summary books with tabs, brief explanations, lots of examples and have fun with it. 

To read Brennen's full guide, click here!

How to revise for exams

Know how to use your calculator. Do as many practice questions as possible. The more questions you do, the more exposure you will have to a variety of different questions. Compare your answers with sample answers and record all your mistakes. 

Exam day

You will have 2 exams for Maths Methods - one with a calculator and one without. 

Make sure to read all the questions on pursual time. Spend 20 minutes on multiple-choice and the rest on short answer. Leave around 20 minutes to proofread. 

There will be 10 multiple-choice questions, covering a wide array of topics. Whereas 2 thirds of the exam is made up of short answer questions. The questions will consist of how to graph, hence and show that questions. 

To read Brennen's full guide, click here!

Some final tips

  • Build a good working relationship with your teacher
  • Work with friends
  • Keep things into perspective
  • Revise throughout the year
  • Understand - don't rope-learn
  • Enjoy Methods!

We hope with all these extra tips and tricks, you're ready to smash Maths Methods! Let us know if you have any questions. 

Brennen & The Studyclix Team

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