How to get a 90+ in QCE General Maths!

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Welcome to the study guide for General Maths! General Maths is a fun subject, however don't underestimate its workload as the subject is quite content heavy. Therefore, as a General Maths student, it is important that you stay up to date and ensure you understand the subject matter from day one. On the bright side, Maths General ensures students gain valuable knowledge and mathematical skills. Studying General Maths can lead to several different career opportunities including careers in business, commerce, education, finance, science and much more! I hope that this guide allows you to complete this subject to the best of your ability and helps prepare you for all the internal and external assessments you will complete. 


How to prepare for your IAs

Your IAs make up 50% of your final subject grade. 

For the problem-solving and modelling task, make sure to use the marking criteria, use the correct layout, use technology to represent your findings, ask your teachers questions and use mathematical language. 

For your summative internal assessments 2 and 3, make sure you know the subject matter. Also complete lots of practice questions and past exam papers. 

To read Brittney's full guide, click here!

How to revise for your external exam

Your summative external assessment for the General Maths subject is an exam that contributes to 50% of your overall subject result. 

I'd recommend you focus on the topics you're less confident with first. Take note of the number of hours you're spending on each topic as this is an indication of the topics most likely to show up more than others on the exam!

Create a rule book with all the formulas you have learned. Do as many practice questions as possible and review the marking rubric. 

Exam day

  • Be confident
  • Remember to show all your working out
  • Check, double check and triple check your units and decimal places are correct
  • Read the question carefully and more than once
  • If you don't understand a question on the exam paper, write everything you know down onto the scrap paper - often this will lead you to understanding how to solve the question. 

To read Brittney's full guide, click here!

Some final tips

Make sure you keep organised. Have a separate book for study/practice questions. Focus on completing heaps of complex familiar and complex unfamiliar questions. 

We hope you've found this study guide useful and wishing you the best of luck for this year! You'll do amazing. 

Brittney & The Studyclix Team

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