How to get a 90+ in QCE Maths

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General Mathematics:

From networks to Financial Maths to the use of statistics in analysing data, General Mathematics is designed for students who want to extend their mathematical skills beyond year 10, but whose studies or employment pathways do not require calculus. 

Mathematical Methods: 

The major domains are algebra, functions, relations and their graphs, calculus and statistics. This can lead to further study in natural and physical sciences (especially physics and chemistry), mathematics and science education, medical and health sciences (including human biology, biomedical science, nano science, and forensice), engineering (including chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, avionics, communications, and mining), computer science (including electronics and software design), psychology and business. 

Specialist Mathematics:

This course covers vectors and matrices, real and complex numbers, trigonometry, statistics and calculus. Specialist can lead to a career in science, all branches of mathematics and statistics, computer science, medicine, engineering, finance, and economics. Mathematical Methods must also be studies as it covers a lot of background knowledge required for Specialist. 

Each course has its own unique content and is a pathways to future study. I hope you enjoy this guide and find the advice and tips helpful for you to achieve the best of your ability in these wonderful courses. 


How to prepare for your IAs

Your IAs make up 50% of your final grade and you will have 3 throughout the year. 

For the problem-solving and modelling task, submit a complete draft and take the time to speak with your teacher if you are unsure on any feedback comments provided in the draft. When problem solving, make sure to follow the steps: formulate, solve, evaluate and verify and communicate. 

How to revise for exams

Make sure to use the unit overview and use it as a checklist to see what you can do and what you need to work on. Also organise your notes and review them. Create a study timetable in lead up to the exam and note when each one is timetabled. Review the mock exam and analyse how you went. 

When it comes to studying, see what works for you. Some possible methods include completing more practice exams and making a study group. 

To read Narelle's full guide, click here!

Exam day

Use the pursual time to get a feel for the questions and identify which one you might start with. Make sure to answer all the multiple choice questions, even if it is just a guess. Remember to look at the mark allocations, cognitive verbs and mathematical concepts when doing the short answer questions. 

Some final tips

  • Use your teachers
  • Set up a study space
  • Have a plan
  • But most of all - enjoy Mathematics!

We hope you've found this study guide useful in whatever maths subject you're completing. 

Narelle & The Studyclix Team

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