How to get a 90+ in Specialist Maths! Advice from an expert student

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Specialist Maths has a notorious reputation for being awfully difficult. Even though it can be hard at times, it is just Maths at the end of the day – you need not to be a specialist. This study guide aims to give you some tips and tricks to navigate QCE Specialist this year.


How to prepare for your IAs

  • Use the syllabus
  • Class time is precious so make the most of it
  • Ask your teacher questions
  • Make summaries
  • Do questions to increase your confidence
  • Make a killer summary book

How to revise for exams

Make sure you are familiar with your calculator. Use the calculator you will be using in your exam in all your practice questions and exams. Do as many practice exams as possible and make sure to review the marking guide (if available) ater you have completed a practice exam. Record all the mistakes you have made so you know what areas to focus on. 

To read Brennen's full guide, click here!

Exam day

You have 2 exams for Specialist - one with a calculator and one without. 

Use reading time to get a feel for what is covered in the short answer section and then do some multiple choice questions in your head. Spend 20 minutes on multiple choice and then move on and spend the last 10-15 minutes proofreading and answering any unanswered multiple choice questions. 

There are 10 multiple choice questions that cover a wide range of topics. There are a few different types of short answer questions you should be prepared for - how to graph, hence questions and show that questions. 

Some final tips

  • Use your teachers
  • Help and be helped by your friends
  • Use your memory wisely
  • Try to understand
  • Enjoy Specialist!

To read Brennen's full guide, click here!

With all these extra tips and tricks, you should be well on your way to getting a 90+ in Specialist Maths! Best of luck!

Brennen & The Studyclix Team

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