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There are a few types of account on Studyclix; BASIC and PLUS+. Basic is free and gives limited access to only two questions per topic. Studyclix PLUS+ gives students full access to all past state exam questions on Studyclix in all their subjects for only $30 (when purchased by teachers for 10 or more students, normal price $49).

How teachers can get PLUS+ for your class

1. Tell your students about Studyclix PLUS+

Show them this blog which explains how Studyclix PLUS+ will help them do better in their exams.

2. They bring in $30 each

Set your class a deadline to avail of the offer.

Any student who wants full access brings in $30. 

​​3. You pay online and we give you upgrade codes

Go to your pricing page, enter the quantity needed and then enter your payment details. We then give you a printable code to give to each student.

If you prefer to pay by school cheque or bank trasnfer then we can send on the codes and an invoice. 

The process is really straightforward and you don't need to know any of your student's account details. 

Please get in touch at hello@studyclix.com.au if you have any questions. 


Luke, Studyclix Co-Founder

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