Why your school should get Studyclix Plus+

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Many schools have requested a Studyclix school license so that all students can get full access PLUS+ accounts from as little as $5 per student. We also offer significant dicounts to some schools. 

Why get a Studyclix PLUS+ school license?

1). Higher School Achievent

Having access to past papers and marking schemes by topic means that students can properly prepare for their exams. Students who've used PLUS+ accounts say it has heloed improve their grades.

 2). Smarter ICT policy

More and more students are turning to technology to learn both in the classroom and at home. Studyclix works seamlessly on all devices and offers high quality learning content that has been added and approved by Australian teachers and is relevant to the learning outcomes set out in the curriculum.

3). Excellent Value

A PLUS+ upgrade costs students $49 when purchased individually. A school license offers discounts of up to 80%. Many schools have added the cost of a license to their school's book list which means students no longer need to buy hard copy exam papers.


Want to find out more about getting PLUS+ for your school?

To get a quote for a school license for your school just get in touch at hello@studyclix.com.au and let us know the number of students in your school. 

Studyclix Team

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