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Key Dates for the 2020 School Year
Starting VCE can seem very daunting! You are all of a sudden faced with SACs, exams, university open days and tones of homework. However, one very easy way to tackle this overwhelming stack of work is to make a calendar. Here at Studyclix, we've made it easy for you by making a year planner so you have all the important dates in one place. We recommend you printing it ou...
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The Best Study Methods
We get asked a lot by students about the best way to study. The simple answer is that there's no one best way. Every student is different and learns best in different ways! Some will learn best using visual aids, like pictures and diagrams, whereas others might be more kinesthetic learners and learn best by doing/acting out something. Therefore, it's impossibl...
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Making A Perfect Study Plan
Lots of students have been getting in touch with us asking how to make a proper plan for studying. Making a good study plan is a really important step in the studying process as it helps you stay organised, reduces stress as well as helping you keep track of what you’ve done. Check out these 5 tips for making a good study plan.     5 tips to make th...
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Why It's Never Too Late to Study
Coming up to the last few months, weeks and even days to the exams, I always get asked, "Is it too late for me to start studying?". The short answer that I always give, regardless of the time, is, "No!". OK yes, maybe it's a bit last-minute to only start studying now, but it's never too late, so you should never use the excuse, "Oh I won't b...
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Exam Stress: some advice that worked for me
How to Tackle Exam Stress Stress during the exam period is something almost every student experiences at some stage. One of these students is Lynn. In the blog below she talks about her struggles in school and how she overcame them. When I went into Year 11, I was instantly hit with the truck of information regarding the two years that awaited me. It was extremely ov...
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How to Avoid Distractions When Studying
We get asked a lot here on Studyclix for ways to stop getting so distracted when trying to study. There are a few reasons why people get distracted easily but also a lot of solutions. I've put a little blog together to help you get more focused and improve your study tactics.   If you don’t use your phone or laptop when you’re studying, remove it f...