VCE Biology

Biology is a popular VCE exam subject. A good knowledge of the practice exams and past papers should see you do well!

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The VCE Biology Course includes the following topics for study:

Biomacromolecules | Carbohydrates

Biomacromolecules | Lipids

Biomacromolecules | Nucleic Acids

Biomacromolecules | Proteins

Cell reproduction

Cell signalling | Apoptosis

Cell Signalling | Signalling Molecules

Cell Structure

Cellular respiration

Evolution |  Human Intervention

Evolution | Evidence

Evolution | Genetics

Evolution | Hominin Evolution

Evolution | Patterns of Biological Change

Genetics | DNA Tools and techniques

Genetics | GeneExpression and Regulation

Genetics | Inheritance

Immune System | Acquired Immunity

Immune System | Adaptive immunity

Immune System | Disorders

Immune System | Innate Immunity



In section one multiple choice questions are answered on the answer sheet provided. In Section two questions longer form questions are answered in the question books. One of the key tips for success in VCE Biology is to make use of the available practice exam and past papers. Resources on Studyclix for VCE Biology can also be helpful including videos, notes and practice material.


Students studying VCE Biology develop knowledge of bioscience and skills of science inquiry and the values and attributes that will help them to consider issues and implications associated with the application of biological techniques and technologies. It can be useful for future careers in areas like medicine, biomedical science and allied professions related to biology and health.