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Biology: apoptosis question
edwardon VCE Biology2

Please help I am confused :) what is the first event that initiates the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis???? Is it DNA damage which results in the transcription and translation of proteins that form pores in the mitochondrial membrane leading to the release of cytochrome C? Do we need to know anything about BCl-2 proteins or apoptosomes??? All my notes say something different... any answer is appreciated xx

In my notes I have, a stimulus could be DNA and/or membrane damage-i.e. caused by radiation or toxins- activates an internal protein that stimulates the release of cytochrome c. Details of this internal protein, whether its' one that is transcribed and translated or a procaspase in the cytoplasm that becomes activated, is something i dont think we need to know. My teacher or the Edrolo guy, never went into Bcl-2 proteins or apoptosomes so im assuming we dont need to know it. Hope this helps.
Mitochondrial pathway (instrinsic pathway) is stimulated when a cell suffers stress; such as low oxygen concentration, exposure to radiation or DNA damage. These stresses cause the cell's mitochondrial pores to open, releasing cytochrome C from the pores. Cytochrome C then undergoes various interactions (don't need to know the detail of these) that result in the activation of caspases and from there the normal process of apoptosis occurs :)
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