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English Analysis help
Helloyellowmia VCE English4

dont understand the structure on how to write one and dont understand how to properly use this site. first off i've recently failed my year 11 english SAC that involved me writing an argument analysis. i have the article if that helps. i dont understand how to grab the information from the article and use my own words. and more importantly how to write an english analysis in general.

Hopefully this attached PDF will be a helpful scaffold for you. Good luck!
hey im struggling to write a creative
in a nutshell, an argument analysis is identifying what techniques an author uses to have a specific effect on the audience. you must identify the claims the author makes on a specific topic, and justify the effect it creates. (eg. tonal words, connotated language, appealing to values of _____ ) generally the structure is a introductory paragraph, where you discuss what the article is, the author's stance and topic, and the target audience. mention their main arguments. the next body paragraphs are basically analysing the evidence they use to support that argument. (eg. facts, anecdotes) hope this helps. :)
Ok, so you wanna start off by reading the text and then you want to analyse it (Anal lol)
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