VCE Legal Studies

Legal Studies is amongst the more popular VCE exams, with several thousand students. A good knowledge of theory and of past papers should see you do well!

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VCE Legal Studies topics include

ADR's and Judicial Determination

Adversary System of Trial

Changes to the Legal System

Civil Pre-Trial Procedures and Remedies

Commonwealth's Protection of Rights

Court's Ability to Make Law

Criminal Pre-Trial Procedures and Sanctions

Division of Law-Making Powers

Doctrine of Precedent

Influencing Legislative Change

Inquisitorial System of Trial

Jurisdiction of Courts

Jury System

Parliament as a Law-Maker

Principles and Structure of the Parliamentary System

Process and Evaluation of a Bill Through Parliament

Reasons for a Court Hierarchy

Reasons for Changes in Law and the VLRC

Relationship Between Courts and Parliament in Law Making

The Commonwealth Constitution



The VCE Legal Studies Exam has just one section, with 13 questions. Studenst answer these questions on the exam paper itself. One of the key tips for success in VCE Legal Studies is to make use of the available practice exam and past papers. Using the helpful resources on Studyclix for VCE Legal Studies can also help students to to do well in exams. Some of the VCE Legal Studies resources including videos, notes and practice material. Using these tools and resources can help replace VCE Legal Studies tuition and improve your grade for the VCE Legal Studies final exam.


According to the VCAA, VCE Legal Studies Students “develop an understanding of the complexity of the law and the legal system and the challenges faced by our law-makers and dispute resolution bodies. They investigate the workings of the Australian legal system and undertake comparisons with international structures and procedures. Students are encouraged to question these systems and develop informed judgments about their effectiveness, as well as consider reforms to the law and the legal system.”


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