VCE Mathematical Methods

Mathematical Methods is a popular VCE exam. A good knowledge of the theory of as well as practice should see you do well!


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The VCE Health and Mathematical Methods Course includes the following topics for study:


Applications of Calculus

Basic Probability

Circular and Trigonometric Functions

Continuous Random Variables


Discrete Random Variables

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Functions Background

General Algebra and Equations

Inverse Functions

Linear, Polynomials and Power Functions

Markov Sequences


Statistical Inference

The Normal Distribution

Topic A

Topic B

Transformations and Other Complex Functions


There’s just one section in the VCE Mathematical Methods Exam, where students answer all of the 13 questions into an answer section. One of the key tips for success in VCE Mathematical Methods to make use of the available practice exam and past papers. Using the helpful resources on Studyclix for VCE Mathematical Methods can also help students to to do well in exams. Some of the VCE Mathematical Methods resources including videos, solutions, notes and practice material. Using these tools and resources can help replace VCE Mathematical Methods tuition and improve your grade for the VCE Mathematical Methods final exam.


According to the VCAA, VCE Mathematical Methods “ is also designed to promote students’ awareness of the importance of mathematics in everyday life in a technological society, and to develop confidence and the disposition to make effective use of mathematical concepts, processes and skills in practical and theoretical contexts.”


VCE Mathematical Methods Study Design: